HP Server Processor

HP Server Processor
Product Description

Our organization is established as one of the foremost distributors and exporters of HP Server Processor. We provide to the customers all kinds of processors that are perfectly integrated with excellent hardware support. Highly reliable, the range of processors meets defined business requirements along with budget. The collection of HP Server Processor is easy to deploy and meant to secure the crucial data of organizations.


  • Based on latest technology
  • Convenient to install and manage
  • Enhanced memory support

Further Details

Intel 2.8GHz/1M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 2.8GHz/4M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 3.0GHz/1M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 3.8GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 3.2GHz/1M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 1.86/4M/1066 Xeon Dual Core 5120

Intel 3.4GHz/1M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 2.0/4M/1333 Xeon Dual Core 5130 CPU Kit

Intel 3.6GHz/1M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 2.33/4M/1333 Xeon Dual Core 5140 CPU

Intel 3.8GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 2.66/4M/1333 Xeon Dual Core 5150

Intel 2.8GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 3.0/4M/1333 Xeon Dual Core 5160

Intel 3.0GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 3.33/6M/1333 Xeon Dual Core 5260

Intel 3.2GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 1.6/8M/1066 Xeon Quad Core 5310

Intel 3.4GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 1.86/8M/1066 Xeon Quad Core 5320

Intel 3.6GHz/2M/800MHz Xeon DP

Intel 2.0/8M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5335

Intel 2.83/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5440

Intel 2.33/8M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5345

Intel 3.0/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5450

Intel 2.66/8M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5355

Intel 3.16/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5460

Intel 3.0/8M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5365

Intel 2.0/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5405

Intel 2.33/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5410

Intel 2.5/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5420

Intel 2.66/12M/1333 Xeon Quad Core 5430

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